Designer: Priscylla, da PSNDesign
3D artist: Daniel Quaresma
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sauce by Chef Protein
Product Launch Location: Chile
Packaging Contents: Sauce, healthy sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Sleeve

Sauce Chef Protein – Packaging Design. Sauces are healthy protein sauces. Very healthy and natural compared to the competition, since It is sweetened with Alulose.

Have you noticed that life is very full of “can’ts”? Can’t this, can’t that. We are here to say the opposite: yes, you can! Life can be healthier and it can taste better at the same time. There may be an excess of smiles, welcoming words, family together. And speaking of family, your family can indeed have healthy products at the table. Your recipes can taste sweet without the downside of sugar. Your food can have new combinations and the surprising taste of SAUCE. Because it was time to put a stop to the sameness.

A fine, elegant, minimalist and attractive creation. After our briefing conversations, we realized that the way forward would be a clean and elegant line. Sauces are healthy protein sauces. Consumed by people in their thirties, but also ordinary people, more family, from the countryside, who want to eat and feed the family healthier, it has no caloric sauces, very healthy and natural compared to the competition, since It is sweetened with Alulose, or more natural sugar that exists in nature, as opposed to the same sugar that must be refined. The target audience is people from classes A and B who seek to take care of either a healthier diet or who practice some kind of sport.

What’s Unique?
The idea of using geometric shapes to represent flavors makes it a unique and expressive product, different from all or what we’ve seen on the market. For raspberry flavor I used circular shapes, for chocolate I used square shapes. For the mango I used shapes that refer to cut pieces of fruit, and so on.