Designer: Juliana Cappelatti
Briefing/Mentoring: Priscylla, da PSNDesign
Photography: Guto Souza
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box and plastic bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

The challenge
Swilly is a new perfume on the French market, with a sweet aroma and aimed at an audience between 25 and 35 years old that seeks empowerment through delicacy. Packaging production had a series of limitations, such as the impossibility of using special finishes. The challenge was to find a way to communicate the product attributes in a non-obvious way within the possibilities of the manufacturer, who already had chosen the packaging forms and materials.

The solution
Find sweetness, delicacy and femininity in less obvious colors and shapes, but still easily noticeable. For this, we opted for a gradient in pastel shades that bring not only the sweetness of the aroma, but also the irreverent personality of the public. For the perfume brand, a robust font with curved finishes, bringing strength without the need to use hard shapes. The support fonts were chosen to be direct, but with the delicacy expressed in their balanced thickness.

What’s Unique?
The box design was thought to work on its own and also to create a larger pattern when displayed on shelves.