Mäspoma – crispy coating mixtures


V Chotejne 765/15, 102 00 Prague Hostivar, Czech Republic

Kreativní ředitel: Martin Kuspal
Místo: Česká republika
Typ projektu: Vyrobeno
Klient: Mäspoma spol. s ro
Uvedení produktu na trh Místo: Globální
Obsah balení: Křupavá potahová směs
Balení Substrát / Materiály: Doypack
Proces tisku: Ofset

Packaging design for crispy coating mixtures

Together with our client we introduced a new product on the Slovak market. We have created a completely new packaging for the coating mixtures. The graphic design is connected to the existing product lines of the manufacturer. At the same time, it introduces a new, strongly stylized typography, which results in a completely new visual communication of the product line.

Custom photography and foodstyling are an integral part of our packaging design. We are very pleased that we as a packaging agency can provide all of these services in the highest quality in-house.