Apti Power Packaging Design by PSNDesign

APTI POWER is a food company in Brazil that works with several food categories, including powdered chocolate.

One of the pillars of the brand is to show energy, energy for day-to-day activities, especially for young people and children. And that’s why the visual language has rays that skip the image of the glass exploding with ready-to-drink chocolate.

A chocolate milk is a chocolate milk here or any part of the world but APTI POWER manages to do this with a more affordable market value and without leaving those air bubbles during preparation.

The chocolate drink line needed to follow a clean and modern style that would represent the active young person who consumes the product. And for that, we kept a striking blue as the main color but brought new elements, more modern and up-to-date items, to really stand out on the gondola. The design was totally focused on energy, for those who want to consume chocolate and continue to play, play video games, run, play soccer, study, among many other activities.

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Client: Apti Alimentos
Location: Brazil
Industry: Food
Agency: Xok Branding
Creative Designer: Priscylla Nunes, PSNDesign
Photography: Guto Souza
3D modeling (glass): Oeste Imagens


Agency: Xok Branding
Photography: Guto Souza
3D modeling (glass): Oeste Imagens
Creative Designer: Priscylla Nunes, PSNDesign

Apti Power