We started with many ideas and finally settled on a cardboard packaging design inspired by pencil cases, which we developed from a long process and research into available packaging for black pencils in the market. In the end, we decided to do more than just make a simple package for these black pencils. We created this Package Based on new Experience in opening structure mixed with Old Iranian Typography Style for product graphics and pencil barrels. we designed all the pencil barrels and packaging based on Iranian old Calligraphy style by following the brand uniform too.

The final Product has been developed with two types, one in cardboard and another in metal box material.

* These Packaging Have been participated in the 3rd Iranian Packaging Designers Biennial exhibition and published in biennial Book organized by www.basteha.com *2019

Project owner: Mine Design Studio (mine stationery co)

Nima Azargasht


Graphic Designer : Hootan Safiyari

Packaging Designer : Nima Azargasht


Mine Design Studio