Gotek – Fourth Dimension


Москва, Россия

Fourth Dimension: Development of the Packaging Design Concept for “Gotek”

About the Project
Developing the design of its own trademark for the company “Gotek” has definitely been a challenge for the Ohmybrand team — after all, the task was literally multifaceted.

It was necessary to show and harmoniously combine two main factors: the differentiation of packaging by category for which it is intended (food and beverages, consumer and industrial goods, e-commerce), as well as visualization of the difference in the directions of the company work (corrugated or flat cardboard packaging, flexible packaging).

Gotek is a company with a half-century history, it works in the B2B segment and is very creative about the development of packaging – non-standard cardboard designs are its specialty. In addition, the company assists in the field of R&D. It accompanies production, it prints, it provides logistics services, thereby optimizing processes and deadlines as much as possible.

We have combined all this into the concept of the “Fourth Dimension”— continuous research and search for optimal solutions to the most difficult tasks of the client. The special charm of the “Fourth Dimension” is that in this new universe you can cut corners and find the fastest ways to achieve goals.

Visual Solution
We have to admit that, while developing the packaging for Gotek, we were a little inspired by Escher. The goal was to create a futuristic and minimalistic design that works at the same time for flat surfaces and volume, is freely replicated on different media, is intuitive to the target audience and echoes the existing brandbook of the company.

Color differentiation made it possible to differentiate the purpose of packaging, the pictogram system – to navigate in product categories while hypnotic hexagons show possible ways and quality of printing.

These are the colors (and shapes) of the bounds of possibility!


Москва, Россия

Creative Director – Nadezhda Parshina

Designers - Valeria Pauli, Nikita Gavrilov

Project Manager - Anna Tsareva

JSC Enterprise Group "Gotek"