Panettones Sabor Sertanejo

Magaly Costa


The Panettone is an Italian recipe directly related to Christmas festivities and is very popular around Brazil, so much so that in some regions it is sold for almost the whole year.

In 2021 Sabor Sertanejo, a company from the state of Paraíba, which has strong relevance in the local market, mostly among C and D classes, launches its Panettone line that includes the Fruit and Chocolate flavours.

The chosen strategy for this project was for a design more focused on the product itself and on its flavour variations, instead of emphasising the aesthetic and the Christmas elements. In practice, the solution is the use of elements a bit more generally applied in a subtle way, as such textures and white áreas, a visual resource often used in Christmas products to represent the snow, and the elements that simulate the Christmas light brightness.

The result is a packaging visually clean, that differentiates from competitors and has a good communication of the product aspects and its variations while maintaining the connection with its category.