Tonayán premium version Design proposal for a new bottle for tonayán, one of the best-known liquors in Mexico, as it is one of the cheapest options on the market. But this time in collaboration with Frank Moreno and his marketing team we decided to develop a new proposal, but in this case of luxury. In which we decided to respect the image of the traditional bottle, but with details that made it look like a true luxury liquor. Details such as 6 lines that section the bottle and that refer to the 6 decades that this brand has been on the market were integrated into the bottle, as well as a label very much in the style of off-white tennis shoes, but in this case, representing the Tonaya community, the place where this liquor was born and is produced.

On the other hand, the substitution of the brand’s yellow color for a golden color, which aims to give an exclusive image. This humorous redesign was released on December 28, as one of the (día de los inocentes) Fools Day jokes, but also as a way to show what we can do with any brand. In addition, this collaboration also results in a small collection of NFT memes that are part of this project.


Marco Barba


Industrial design - Marco Barba

Marketing and Graphics -  Frank Moreno and team (Alcira Miguel, Rodrigo Franco, Edgar Solórzano, Ana m, etc.)