Zubi Diwali Festive Gift Box 2021


Zubi, The Fun Candy, approached me looking for a traditional, colourful Diwali Gift Box for their premium range of candy.

The box would go out for sale in grocery stores across India as well as work as corporate Gift Boxes. They wanted something that would bring out the spirit of Diwali and at the same time be eye-catching and an elegant gift box option.

I first collected references of Diwali elements, and festive elements that we Indians use to celebrate the Festival of Lights. After that, I sketched out a few ideas and elements and then went ahead to create the box design!

The box contains the Elephant and Peacock, both symbols of India and symbols of festivities, celebrations and prosperity. I also added the “dhol” drums to indicate the dancing, singing and music element of Diwali. The other fireworks and the light elements all add to the Festival of Lights.

The box was finally printed with gold and pink foiling to add a touch of royalty and premium quality to the packaging. The box was then filled with Premium Zubi Candy Lolly!