Client: Dairy Farm “Farmer”

Project year: 2019

Design: Kitchen&GoodWolf

Project scope: Branding

In 2019 we were commissioned to brand a small dairy farm from Čurug (Serbia) “Farmer”. For over a hundred years the farm has been nurturing a tradition of milk processing that is passed from generation to generation and which is primarily based on hand-made cheese. The first-class milk for their cheeses comes from closed-farm nutrition and quality control system that guarantees premium products made with genuine care and dedication. “Farmer” produces different types of cheese, from Gouda and Parmesan to rolled and fine cheese. Two main elements were used to create the whole branding for the farm. The first element of the brand features the cowbell which simultaneously makes the logo and the business card. The cowbell represents free-roaming herds, vast plains, and unspoiled landscapes. Another feature of the brand is the ribbon, tying both the tag/logo and the product. The ribbon, symbolizing the holder of the bell, also contains the characteristics of and nutritional information on the cheese. This further enhances the functionality and applicability of the design.