ISKAPO’s Meat Market – Let’s Eat Fresh Again!


No 3, 17th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chennai - 600031

Hailing from a small village named Iskapalli located along with coastal Andhra Pradesh, India, families always caught fresh fish every single day and would cut the meat only just before it was cooked. The chicken, mutton, and lamb were also always free-range and as fresh as they could get. The chances of buying fresh meat as you moved to bigger cities were diminishing by the day. Bringing the taste of the freshest meat to everyone without compromising on quality and freshness was the challenge. And that’s how ISKAPO’s Meat Market was born. The brand’s identity envokes the nostalgic feeling of eating the freshest meat. The design incorporates traditional South Indian flora such as the Chenkaanthal (Flame Lily) and the Nadhiyavattai (Crepe Jasmine) surrounding the illustrations of the farmers and fisherwomen. The fish packaging utilizes coastal plants such as the Ipomoea obscure (Morning Glory) and the Lumnitzera littorea for an aquatic touch. The overall look and feel of the packaging remind people of a simpler time when meat was caught right before it was cooked.  


No 3, 17th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chennai - 600031

Agency: Fingerprints
Creative Head: Karan Daswani
Business Head: Aishwarya D
Associate Creative Director: Surendar M
Client Servicing: Preethi Mahendran, Ragu Raman
Illustrations: Narendar
Copy Head: Mridula Joseph
Junior Copy Writer: Rajath Duraikannu Raja
Studio: Robinson David, Sasikumar Thangaraj

ISKAPO's Meat Market