Москва, Россия

Design of packaging and labels of sausage and meat delicious products.

An interesting task to redesign the packaging of the brand of sausages and meat delicious products “Halal Kochevniki” was received from a meat processing enterprise located in Russia in the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania named Dubois. The brand has been operating in the North Caucasus market since 2013. It is recognizable and has its own stable audience. The idea to update and modernize the label design arose from the management in connection with the expansion of the existing brand location, as well as with the desire to reach the federal level.

As usual, we offered several solutions for the redesign of “Nomads” to the of the top management of the enterprise. The solutions varied in different degrees from the existing example. After a thorough analysis and a survey of the audience was chosen a design variant similar in terms of composition to the old packaging.

First of all, we have stylized, or to be more precise, we have developed a new, style-forming ornament. The elements-“tiles” of the ornament are made according to a modular grid and labels are also used on the composition taking into account the strict modular grid layout. This, with all the “orientalism” of the brand, creates a sense of Western quality and Northern strictness!

Also, we have reworked the general typography in the packaging design, implemented a rigid layout system of elements. The logo design was updated as well. At the same time, we are grateful to the customer for accepting this, in our opinion, moderately aggressive design. It is important to mention that it corresponds to the masculinity and character of the brand’s target audience living in Russia in the North Caucasus!

The main positioning of the product is that it is a real Halal and the brand’s audience takes this very seriously. Each of the design elements should emphasize this important point. For the brand, we have developed principles for the design of shells (polyamide), labels, inserts, and compiled instructions for the layout of new SKUs. Additionally, a system of variable design of sausage and meat delicious products was introduced. It was taken into account the capabilities of different printing houses and regional peculiarities.



Москва, Россия

Designer: Vlad Mikhailov