Maldito Parné is the new wine from Bodega Bigardo. It receives its name from the lyrics of the famous copla song (Spanish folklore) María de la O. That is why we decided to focus the whole concept on characteristic elements of this music. Bigardo is a winery that likes to take risks with its labels and that allow us to display all our creativity without limits.

The copla singers have a very characteristic dress with multiple elements that are quickly related since they are very similar to those of flamenco, known worldwide. We decided that the label should be a comb that is used to place in the singer’s hair, it is an element that gives a lot of play due to its shapes and colors, that is why the label is die-cut and completely printed in red stamping, a representative color of this music. A very technical label because its shape and internal elements are completely die-cut.

This allows the bottle to show through the holes while drawing a lot of attention with its elegant shine. The trococonical bottle goes perfectly with this label due to its wide shoulders that resemble the silhouette of a woman. To finish off the bottle we made a die-cut collar that goes on the cello of the bottle that symbolizes a carnation, the most characteristic flower of the copla and that they usually wear in their hair in performances.

With this design you can interact with the consumer, since they can put the bottle on their head as if they were wearing a comb and thus take photos that can be used as promotion on social networks. The result is an elegant and eye-catching design that works both in the Spanish and export markets, since it is easily related to Spain, as requested in the client’s briefing. This wine has a limited edition of 3,500 bottles per year.