Pencil Case | Sustainable Packaging Design

Yunus Karamanli

Eskişehir, Türkiye

This product is designed to increase the use of cardboard in everyday life. The cardboard surface is folded, creating a defined area in which the items are stored. This pen box can be used as a tabletop pen holder to move items with us, store them, and also prevent clutter on the table.

The product can be turned into 3 different forms as a closed, open and tabletop pen holders. The side surfaces of the product fold and change shape in the opening and closing movements. Pens to be used pass through 2 support points created from 12-millimeter circles (for using hexagonal, triangular and thick pens). The colors of the circles represent the colors of the pens to be used.

 In general, penholder made of cardboard consists of 2 separate pieces, including the volume in which the pencils are put, and the sheath.  This product design performs two tasks in one piece, using the cardboard more efficiently.