The Snozzberry Farm: Miracle Berries

Gene Portnoy

The Snozzberry Farm: So excited to finally share the re-branding of The Snozzberry Farm Miracle Berries. I first named and designed The Snozzberry Farm brand and packaging while having a drinks & sketch session with some friends after work. Five years later and these magical Miracle Berries have helped 1000’s of people curb their sugar intake, lose weight and naturally manage their diabetes without compromise.

The Snozzberry Farm was finally ready for a re-brand that fit their personality. A fun creative alternative to sugar. Using vibrant colors, bold typography and a playful illustration style WORK AND COMPANY was able to create a brand identity that quickly translated the products value proposition “THE BEST WAY TO SWEET HEALTHY” by naturally sweeting the taste of sour foods.  Miracle berries (also known as ledidi fruit, or magic berries) were born for creating healthier habits. Made by Mother Nature grown in the USA and brought to you freeze-dried fresh from the farm, these natural magicians transform sour flavors into sweet—no  funky chemicals or powders. Cutting sugar and taking control of your cravings is now simple. If you’ve never experienced these amazing berries now’s your chance, available on their website or on Amazon as well as other online retailers. Also please take some time and checkout WORK AND COMPANY if you have a brand that needs a little extra flavor