Wildwonder – Everyday Wonders!

Olio Studio

Everyday Wonders!
Wildwonder created a new category in the health drink space with their sparkling blend of superherbs, fruits, and live vegan probiotics that provide gut-healing and immune-boosting power in one delicious beverage. They needed a brand refresh that matched their bold, trailblazing product and ensured it stood out on shelves.

We focused on a polka dot pattern to give Wildwonder an iconic, ownable look that reflects the drink’s sparkling quality and also emphasizes the fruits and herbs that provide its refreshing taste. With bold colors and playful brand design, we created an artful beverage packaging look that appeals to abroad range of consumers.

Originally named Tea Crush, the brand was renamed to better reflect its unique infusion of superherbs and fruits. We created a modern and clean wordmark to elevate the brand and shift focus to the illustrations as the primary selling point.

The shape of the bottle was also updated to allow more volume per price, and even the drink’s formula was perfected. The larger label means improved visibility on the shelf, where the eye-catching design speaks for itself.

With custom illustrations, an ownable polka dot pattern, and vivid, neon-like colors, the brand refresh reflects Wildwonder’s own bold and exceptional flavor.