तारीख (Taarikh) : Calendar Design

Anjali Joshi

Tarikh, meaning date in English, is a brand that creates calendars. It celebrates craftsmanship, creativity & joy. The main aim of this project was to create a calendar that can be reused and reduce paper waste. The ‘Changing Tile, Changing Time’ collection is elegant and exciting, powerful and playful, skillful and sustainable, and fine as much as they are fun.

Folk says that calendars are time-bound meant to last only for a year, but Tarikh introduces calendars that can last for a lifetime. The appealing aspect of this calendar is that one can change the dates, months, years, respectively, as time flies. This package contains a calendar, a set of extra numbers inked in red, a set of alphabets etc.

Anjali Joshi


Photograher & Video Credits: Sushanto Sarkar

Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art & Craft