Client: Bio Špajz (health food store)

Project scope: Logo and packaging redesign

Design by Kitchen&GoodWolf

“Bio Špajz” (špajz, engl. pantry) is the oldest health-food store in Serbia founded in 1986. engaging in the trade of healthy food and beverages. We were commissioned to redesign the company’s existing identity and a series of packaging for many of its products.

The client was looking for a “human” dimension of design and at all costs wanted to avoid stereotypes of the “minimal contemporary” identity of healthy food. The design was to reflect the joy of living, rejection of strict rules, peace of mind… We have therefore chosen to use bright colors, organic forms, and playful typography throughout the design.

One of the designs that really stand out on store shelves is the series of small transparent bags containing various products like chia seeds, chickpeas, red beans, etc. The label has information about the product on both sides. On the front side, we have created an abstract drawing of different baskets with a realistic image of the product inside. On the backside, we have listed the benefits of the product and also suggested a recipe for a quick meal based on the product in the bag.