Quilty is a new brand that offers a line of therapeutic, stress-reducing ‘Anxiety Blankets’ for consumers with an accelerated pace of life. The product uses innovative methods to relax the client and maintain a sensation of calmness. tbpmx created a concept that revolves around the idea of being hugged, a feeling of being surrounded, covered, and protected by the weight of a quilt. Therefore a contrasting color palette conformed of cool calming colors and energetic pastel tones were curated alongside a clean typography selection that alludes to the idea of simplicity. This is topped with a warm and bold wordmark design that is complemented with a custom-made iconography set. Overall, the graphic system created ensures the consumer feels visually empathetic while stimulated by the sensation of an everlasting hug to reconnect.

Un abrazo para tu mente y tu cuerpo.



Design studio: the branding people


Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/tbpmx

Website: https://tbpmx.com/