Revolution Marfrig

Lucas Casertani

Revolution Marfrig: To meet consumer changes and satisfy latent demands in the plant-based food market and the growing concern for the environment, Marfrig launched the Revolution Marfrig brand. It is a reflection of the quest to expand its product portfolio beyond meat of animal origin, for the public that seeks awareness combined with freedom in routine. The brand has off-the-shelf products such as hamburgers, kibbeh, ground beef and meatballs, but it also has its products on the menus of large franchises such as Outback and Burger King.


Lucas Casertani

Direção criativa: Sergio Cury

Direção estratégica: Elaine Baio

Coordenação do projeto: Leandro Strobel

Estratégia: Elaine Baio, Matheus Funke

Design: Carlos Hakim e Adriano Pinheiro

Direção fotográfica: Camila Kodaira

Produção fotográfica: Sheila Oliveira

AF Embalagens: José Rago, Mafê Amoratti e Lucas Casertani

Redação: Pedro Kastelic.

Project by Interbrand São Paulo - Interbrand SP.