“SAR” wine history goes back to the 90s when Mikael Grigoryan in Areni village started his winemaking journey.

In 2021 Michael’s children started the production of the brand-new wine “SAR” in their family-based wine factory Areni Wine.

When you take a walk in Areni, Vayots dzor you would see a life hidden in the stones and mountains, which is now the oldest winemaking region where archeologists found a 6 thousand years old winemaking complex. Then the next question comy and what is Sar? Sar is the Armenian translation to the word Mountain.

The aim of creating a pure cultural etiquette for “SAR” was to give the spirit and the complete scene of the wine’s motherland Areni village. It’s worth mentioning that before digitalizing the label I started with the carving on a wooden board just right after the idea was born.

The etiquette reflects the view that opens up just in front of the winery. Mets Sar (The Great Mountain), Saint Mary church from the 13th century, and the spacious vineyard of Areni Grape.

To be worthy of its name and honor “SAR” wine has already climbed a bunch of peaks in Armenia and abroad, it’s worthy of note that the wine has been on the top of Mount Kazbek and Elbrus (the highest peak of Europe).

“SAR” red dry wine is the first in this line made of the best harvest of Areni grapes grown by natural selection 1100-1200 m above sea level. The wine was made without the use of yeast and has a wonderfully developed bouquet with the pleasant aroma of Areni grape. The wine is slightly sour, the color is dark pomegranate.