In Chinese culture, the practice of confinement is a tough and tiring process that worried by young ladies, but it is vital and necessary to help a new mother get through her toughest 30 days. 97 Moongold is a new concept confinement herbal soup package that is designed especially for new mothers, with quicker and easier preparation, to help in physical and beauty recovery.

Inspired by the changes of the moon phase cycle from the new moon to the full moon, it tells the process of restoring the beauty and health of a lady in the 30 days. With the aesthetic Chinese-style illustrations, the packaging is designed in a more modernized and youthful direction that would appeal to a younger audience. The mechanism with handle is an ideal gift for new mothers, feel the love from friends in the process of unboxing.

The 30 days herbal soup is designed in handy pouches and categories with three different colours and stages of the moon phase cycle, making it easier for mothers to differentiate and recognise the phases during the confinement practice.




Graphic Designer: Yimin Heng, Kin Yap, Soon Cai Ling

Photographer: Cheah Pheng

PY Beautyland