Awara promotes a lifestyle full of well-being, providing tools and content in a complete ecosystem of balance and comprehensive well-being. We share with you the most precious treasures of nature so that you can have a full life through sensory experiences made up of honest natural products, designed to project the radiant beauty and vital health that comes from within, which is capable of making our interior and exterior are one.

Inspired by the brand concept, we wanted to give an artistic touch to the graphic visual language, and for this reason, we experimented with the ingredients of the products (flowers, leaves, stems) to make prints with them using black ink. The result: thousands of organic textures that are used to decorate communication pieces such as labels, paper, bags, boxes and others.




Creative Director: Mauricio Wills

Design: Gabriela Gonzalez

Photography: Felipe Pizano

Art Direction: Adriana Dorado