Bubu Surprise Eggs


An entrepreneur who wants to produce chocolate surprise eggs has contacted our studio for a number of branding and design services. Our creative team has done lots of work from naming the brand to creating the promotional items. Surprise eggs are being produced for the local market and their main target is children.

Chocolate surprise eggs have been produced around the world for young children since the 1970s. Considering the main audience was children, an easy brand name was sought. The name “Bubu” is an easy and memorable name, especially for children. It consists of only two vowels and four letters.

A 2D mascot has been created to make it easier to promote the brand to the general public. The joyous character of a tiny elephant is very well suited to Bubu’s name and the packaging of the product.

The packaging design was loaded with illustrations of various surprise gifts such as a toy car, unicorn with wings, and toy helicopter. The new product awaits its young customers in all markets of Turkmenistan.