FLOV Branding studio.

Tęczowa 83, 53-601 Wrocław, Polska


Cold Brew Coffee is a relatively new method of serving coffee, which in our roaster (apart from the branding studio, our company is also an active specialty coffee roaster) we decided to offer to a wider audience.


Our main inspiration for the brand name and packaging design was the Japanese tradition of cold coffee maceration, which began in the city of Kyoto.

The packaging design is both minimalistic and related to the ethnic origin of the coffees used for maceration. We have enriched the whole with typography inspired by the labeling of coffee deliveries in the form of beans from around the world.

Kyoto Cold Brew Coffee is a product dedicated to both a professional specialty cafe and a person looking for natural energy. Therefore, its design has a dual character, which is expressed in simplicity and clear colors that attract the attention of every eye.


FLOV Branding studio.

Tęczowa 83, 53-601 Wrocław, Polska

Art Direction: Grzegorz Chorostecki

Brand and packaging design: FLOV Brand design studio.

Photography: Łukasz Mazurkiewicz Photography


KYOTO Coffee Roaster