Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

Having children is what makes us remember the meaning of life.
A feeling that cannot be explained, that cannot be understood.
You can only live it.

This is how the Pingarelho brand was born, a limited edition of 290 bottles, which pays homage to João and André, for having enriched our lives and filled our hearts with Love.
The creative project “Pingarelho” inspired us to create something entirely unique, exclusive, minimalistic, but with character; and brought the two main actors to life: João and André. Brothers who hold hands and stay together for eternity, in a metallic piece, worked with high and low reliefs on an aged silver finish, that can be transformed into a Keyholder.

Once more, our creative team has overcome the barriers of the conventional design, with a green thinking, once 90% of the packaging can be recycled and the remaining 10% which is the metal piece, can be used. This is our contribute to the future “Pingarelho’s” generation, making a sustainable and healthier world.

In order not to detract from the prominence of this unique piece, the label, back label, bottle numbers, and the brand itself, are placed on two “Neck Tags” which were are held with thread and sealed with the Pingarelhos icon at the top of the stopper. The photographic production was done in a studio and in the ruins of a Roman city found in the 16th century – Conímbriga, this is because it is a nectar from the Lands of Sicó, which over centuries were influenced by Roman culture.