In the 1980s, scientist Vardan Yavruyan was sent on a business trip to Cuba. The road passed through London, where he tried gin for the first time. When he returned to Armenia, he decided to get the latter’s recipe, using only juniper fruits growing in the Armenian highlands. Years later, the young people of the Yavruyan dynasty found the recipe for making gin in scientific documents. They decided to give life to their grandfather’s recipes, and took on the task of making alcohol with a completely new spirit.

The naming and branding was inspired from this story. Hence, we called it VOGIS. With the same dedication, our team of designers did a great job of creating the brand packaging design. In the past, gin was sold in pharmacies as a medicinal tincture. Therefore, during the construction of the packaging design, a bottle label was chosen, which to some extent conveys the impression of a healing substance. However, through its modern approach, thanks to the illustration of juniper, it has a beautiful appearance.