Naming and packaging for this Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arribes del Duero, which is a tribute to the owner’s grandfather, Domingo Gajate Rengell. This man worked until he was 93 years old in the olive grove with an enviable energy thanks to taking his own oil. When they told us the story, in addition to wanting to enhance the energy values of this product, we decided to focus the entire concept on creating an Energy EVOO. The client in the briefing suggested us to make the packaging in a can since it was a system that he did not yet have and that he liked a lot. With all this, we decided to make a metaphor that this client likes so much and we looked for a round can that, together with a sleeve print, simulates one of the most famous batteries on the market so that it is easily remembered by the consumer, causing a smile since The packaging, in addition to being original, is very nice and practical.