Mò Bufala • Absolute Bufala

Dispenser Studio

66054 Vasto CH, Italia


Mo Bufala is a dairy that was born in Andria, a district with a strong dairy vocation. The company has set itself the goal of creating an alternative to the Campania buffalo on the GDO channel, with products intended for the counter and for self-service.

Dispenser has the task of describing an entire range produced exclusively with buffalo milk from the Apulian supply chain.


The name Mo Bufala comes from the desire to recall mozzarella by synthesizing a typical southern expression (mo ‘= now) with the typical Apulian exclamation of amazement.
The creative strategy of Dispenser intended to give the brand an image that can tell the quality of the product and attention to the supply chain. The adoption of an illustrated buffalo represents the essence of the highly controlled supply chain, while the red of the logo and the blue diagonal complete a pack capable of communicating a well-finished product. In the range, we find the classic hand-knotted bags typical for the buffalo packaging while for all the trays present in the self-service it has been decided to cover in natural cardboard in order to make them more distinctive on the shelf.

Finally, a photographic storytelling was produced that penetrates the essence of the supply chain from breeding to milk processing, then declined for offline communication media and a representative website.