We have designed a label for a selection of premium wines for “Fruškogorski vinogradi” аs well as a luxury box for the bottle. “Tri sunca” (in English “Three Suns”) is a late harvest wine that requires the grapes to remain on vines until late autumn so that the sunrays are left with enough time to synthesize naturally an explosion of flavours. It takes at least three kilograms of such grapes to make a single bottle of this natural wine.

Since this is such a premium product we wanted the label design as well as the box to look very elegant and sophisticated. The main motif is the illustration of three Suns in gold which contrast the other elements in dark blue. The inside of the box is lined in gold silk in which the bottle ‘sits’ and on the sides, the story of this wine and the story of the vineyard is written and depicted in gold foil.