Quenut is a Mexican superfood brand specialized in developing products for people who love sports and outdoor activities. Each product is focused on a specific intensity rate and stage of exercise, thus the ideal scenario for consumption is illustrated on the packaging.

For the protein powders, these illustrations are nature-oriented and show different characters who lead an active life, whether it is a forest run, climbing, cycling or even resting and relaxing in a hammock. For the protein bars, we illustrated a Sierra Tarahumara runner and a Nepali hiker, aiming to portray more traditional ways to exercise.

For the icon, we made a close-up scenery of the sun coming up behind a couple of leaves. The aim was for it to be functional either in vertical or horizontal formats accomplishing no fixed orientations. This way, we grant the icon enough versatility for it to look good in products that may be placed differently and even randomly in shelves, such as protein bars.

Last but not least we created a custom typeface for the brand, starting with the logotype and finishing with the whole character set. This is a variable font, which means the letters may vary in width from condensed to expanded without losing unity from the character set. The typeface searches for ways to reflect movement and activity onto the brand voice.


Art Direction: Mariela Mezquita
Designer: Harumi Tanimoto
Designer: Yareli Denis
3D: Karen Licona
Motion: Luis Romero Sosa
Quenut Smart Foods