Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

This Port Wine of distinctive Character originated from vineyards that existed over a hundred years ago in a best known as Quinta do Cevêr. The unique renowned quality wines that are produced here, are part of the Baixo Corgo sub-region, considered to be amongst one of the most acclaimed wines in the world. This very old Tawny Port was found in a well-sealed wood barrel in the old cellar of the state when the property was bought in 2019 by Santos & Seixo Wines. The inexistence of a reference to the harvest year has led us to believe through evidence that it could be over 90 years old. This wine resulted in 1921 units of an exclusive and limited edition bottling, done manually without any filtration or stabilization to preserve all the intrinsic characteristics of this Very Old Tawny.