The Peranakans are most famous for their imaginative cuisine. “Nonya” food is infused with delicate flavors from a blend of Chinese and Malay culinary traditions made with a range of indigenous herbs and spices.

Using kueh as the main theme to promote Melaka’s shrinking street vendors scene. Pulling inspiration from floral motifs found in Peranakan culture – traditions, clothing, buildings, and more. The intricate, ornate, and decorative motifs often symbolize blessings of peace, harmony, prosperity and longevity, marital bliss, fertility, as well as filial piety.

Moderate dexterity skill, fast-paced party game, four-step instruction that is easy to learn and understand, balanced with equal opportunity for old and new players.

Box consists of :

  • Tray of 20 kueh discs
  • Introduction booklet
  • 4 magnetic game boards
  • 4 magnetic vendor platforms
  • Tray for game discs, wooden pegs & cards