La Antigua Summum 2022


Packaging design for SUMMUM 2022 cheese from Quesería La Antigua. For this year the whole concept was based on going back to the origins, that’s why we decided to make a packaging that reminded us of the products that you could find in the 50’s in a traditional dairy. For whole cheese, whole cheese in wedges and sliced, we created a milk churn that is the container, a very technical and complex job that uses the same milk churn for all the products and what is changed is an interior cradle that adapts to each product. For the 2 wedges of 250 g, we created a can simulating the condensed milk cans that existed in the 60s with a satin ribbon that serves as a hanger. We also design the packaging for the sliced cheese blisters and a bottle of milk that is used as a gift.