Hi estudio

A peasant lived near a field, every day he and his donkey walked for miles gathering wormwood grass, they looked at the landscape and chatted together, as the sun wents down, a strong storm fell, both ran through the mud and the stones to take refuge the donkey fell into a ditch after and broke its leg, the most obvious thing was that the donkey had to be sacrificed, but the big-hearted peasant gave his arm to the donkey, from there they put the RENCO (wich means crippled) on the donkey and In his honour, the farmer named the absinthe they made with the wormwood they collected.

Inspired by fables and their way of leaving a teaching, we designed a bottle that “loses its balance” by linking it with a graphic that we call FAKE BAROQUE, deforming classic baroque elements, translating them into contemporary plastic languages.