Familio brand made with love is an Italian brand cereal, it targets all the family members, it’s made with an organic corn staff rich with vitamins and minerals, for many years we have searched and conducted a lot of information about what the people need in breakfast… they need FAMILIO We have created hand-drawn specific characters depicting each of the five characters in each family member’s personality. Our vision is to grab attention and create an emotional link with the customers.

The brand delivers a variable assortment to match every family member’s needs due to its unique taste and high quality to boost energy. In manufacturing high-quality eco-friendly paper boxes with new innovative packaging that use easily without wasting products The logo and the text were chosen to pop out to the eye and make it easily readable, and the smile stamp effect is a sign of happiness Finally, we had to create an emotional engagement factor between the consumers and the “Familio Family”.  In order to do that we had to set up the base for strong visual communication, an image so captivating and impactful.


Agency: Gegraph agency

Client: Familio

Location: Italy

Art Director & Packaging Design: Mohammed Gamal

Character Designer: Menna Reda

3D Artist & Animation: Heba Ashraf

Content Creator: Maram Jamal, Hadeel Mohamed