Full Bloom Cannabis, a Maine-based cultivator and purveyor approached WORK* AND COMPANY earlier this year to help update their packaging. WORK* AND COMPANY saw an opportunity to create a distinctive brand that embodies the spirit and charm of Maine. Maine has long history of craftsmanship and ingenuity, of which locals feel tremendous pride. WORK* AND COMPANY wanted to honor that spirit in Full Bloom’s brand identity and essence.

The Cannabis market has matured since Full Bloom’s beginnings, back in 2011. To give the brand a contemporary aesthetic, it became apparent that the brand identity was in need of a refresh. WORK* AND COMPANY started with the logo by optimizing the Leaf Man brand asset. “Root & Vine” line art was introduced to further the brand story of local growth. For Full Bloom’s name, a proprietary, ornamental typeface was established. These assets go hand-in-hand with the new crafted-style of the brand packaging. Modern sku colors were chosen for contrast against the rich, deep blue hues of the brand graphics. WORK* AND COMPANY additionally was able to streamline packaging form factors to maximize press sheet use for minimum waste. The final packaging is printed on recycled paper and labels set-up to print in-house which gives Full Bloom the flexibility to introduce new strains & varieties quickly, and furthers their commitment to recycling. Penmor Lithographers, a local press in Maine, was chosen for its location and experience working within the cannabis industry. The result is a cohesive, authentic and inspired branding system that pays homage to the spirit of Maine, Full Bloom’s commitment to sustainability, nature and growth.

WORK* AND COMPANY originally started as a marketing tool for founder and creative design director Gene Portnoy’s portfolio of work. It has morphed into a collective of highly specialized creative professionals that help startups with brand solutions that they would normally not have access to. Team members come from all forms of creative fields, ranging from design, project management, strategy, illustration and production.

The next time you’re in Maine and you abide, stop by one of the 30+ cannabis shops that carry Full Bloom branded products. I highly 😉 recommend the peanut butter squares.