Havana Club – 7 Anejos Premium Selection


I recently had the chance and the pleasure to participate a second time to the Adobe Live France sessions. This time for a 3 days session dedicated to my favorite field: alcohol brand design. To do so, I chose as a case study to re-brand the 7 year old rum of the emblematic Cuban brand Havana Club. During these 3 days we were able to discuss the constraints and issues related to this type of project, it was also an opportunity to exchange on the profession of brand designer in a more general way, on my background, my vision of the field. You will find here an overview of this session step by step. If you want to see the live videos, they are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

To carry out this project, I worked upstream on a creative direction that aims to give a common thread to the project. Havana Club being an emblematic brand of Cuba known all over the world, my ambition is to honor its origins and the quality of its juice. I have therefore done an investigation to understand and immerse myself in its culture in order to be able to graphically transcribe this intention to value one of the 3 biggest rum brands in the world. What better way to do this than to tell the Cuban know-how? So I decided to impregnate this project with cigar ring designs, ironworks inspired by Casa Bayonna (where HC’s story began) and of course luxurious lounges where the exceptional rums are consumed.

This project was an opportunity for the studio to create designs of traditional ornaments and vector illustrations, many details in order to create a real wealth for the eye.