Sadwal, Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan

Objectives: To make the product look premium and stand out in the market from the competitors.

Client brief one part:

Our new brand is going to ba called “CLASA” – which we want to be associated with classy, high-class and classroom (goods are intended to be used by pupils mainly).

Products sold under CLASA brand are going to be top quality, so the package and brand should also be premium. It can be the brave and fresh style for this kind of product. On the other hand, design can’t be too serious or minimalistic, it should focus the attention of children and parents. Children should love it, and parents should feel it as a reliable item.

Branding can include a leading character or few characters, as some competitors use them. If you decide to add them, please make sure it will be drawn or animated better than most stock characters available.

After careful consideration, we came up with a few ideas for the dark products which give it a premium and classy feel. the character is made to be memorable for students and give them a sense of pride while using the products..