SANSO Home Detergent Liquid Detergent Car wash


SANSO Home is a cutting-edge daily chemical cleaning brand in Asia, which mainly produces environmentally friendly and simple household cleaning products. Including laundry detergent, coffee cup cleaner, baby clothes cleaner, underwear blood stain cleaner, etc. SANSO Home is a healthy washing brand dedicated to solving laundry and household cleaning. The product is based on the core concept of natural, skin-friendly and environmental protection. The product has passed more than 40 rigorous tests by authoritative institutions with excellent safety and environmental protection. Cosmetic-grade skin-friendly testing. It has successively obtained certifications and awards from international testing institutions such as SGS and ISO9000. In order to meet the needs of users in more subdivided scenarios under the wave of consumption upgrades, the product design of SANSO Home is more refined and professional, allowing many consumers who have higher pursuit of quality of life to enjoy the truly convenient and relaxed professional and refined washing.