Modern and bright design of energy drinks based on green tea with berry-fruit flavors of blueberry, raspberry and mango.

According to the brief, a product image was developed for those who lead an active lifestyle. Dynamic color stripes created a bright composition with a rhythmic, sporty mood. The images on different planes, demonstrating the taste of the drink, seem to dissolve on a white background. Thanks to the airbrush imitation, the graphic elements of the label look impressive and stylish. Not overloaded with superfluous details, the laconic “SPORTEA” trademark corresponds to the chosen style, is quick to read and easy to remember.

To maintain a high degree of detail and multicolor, the labels are flexographically printed on shrink film. An aluminum can wrapped in this film attracts the attention of buyers and distinguishes the product from a large number of competitors.


  • trade mark design
  • creation of author’s illustrations
  • design of style-forming and three labels in a series