Tio Pepe en Rama 2022 – Sherry

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‘Tío Pepe en Rama 2022’, Fino de Jerez in its purest form.

Life, light and joy take over the historic Jerez winery in spring, when the house winemaker, Antonio Flores, selects those casks that have unique organoleptic characteristics, in this case from the 96 casks chosen for the Saca of 2022 of this wild Sherry wine, without filters.

The new release of ‘Tío Pepe en Rama 2022’ has been clearly marked by the weather year. This winter has been very mild and extremely dry, two circumstances that have determined that the flower had great activity throughout the cold season in the chosen boots. They all represent the territories of Jerez, the origin and aging, and preserve the uniqueness and excellence of each bag, where each year is different and each butt is shown as a unique and singular ecosystem.

Bottled ‘en Rama’, directly from the boot and without filtering or clarifying, this oenological marvel preserves the spirit of Tío Pepe and announces the arrival of full enjoyment, highlights the winery in a statement, in which they outline that this wine shows in the cup a pale yellow color with golden reflections, slightly veiled, due to the flower in suspension, which evidences its bottling ‘in Rama. On the nose it is complex, very sharp and shows aromas of almonds, lemon, withered flowers, saline and minerals.

‘Tío Pepe en Rama’ is, due to its intensity and sapidity on the palate, an essentially gastronomic wine. It is ideal to enjoy with fish, shellfish, vegetables, cured meats, spicy cuisines and a variety of rice dishes, indicates the Jerez winery firm, which recommends serving this wine cold and in a fine crystal glass, of which small quantities are made due to its uniqueness.