Swarangi Deorukhakar

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Yoga Bar – Munchies ( conceptual packaging design for kids’ cereal)

This is a conceptual packaging for a new range of healthy flavoured cereal for kids for the brand Yoga Bar.

Yoga Bar believes in making its products with all-natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives or artificial flavours.

Most of the kids’ cereals these days though are advertised to be healthy by making use of whole grains and multi-grains have a high sugar content. They use refined sugar to sweeten the cereal which doesn’t add any nutritional value and counters the “healthy” ingredients used to make the product.

There are a lot of healthier cereal alternatives for adults but none as such targetted for the child consumer. Hence multigrain flavoured cereal bites sweetened with jaggery would definitely be a great choice of a healthy breakfast for the kids.

Introducing Yoga Bar – Munchies, which is made using only the purest of ingredients. It is a line of flavoured bites that are made using whole grains like jowar, ragi and oats along with freeze-dried fruits. It has no added preservatives, no refined sugar and is sweetened with jaggery and honey. The perfect nutritious and delicious breakfast that can be eaten guilt-free without worrying about your child’s health as it provides all the nourishment needed for their growth.

The overall look of the packaging with endearing graphics, bright colours and interesting outer shape of the body will make the product stand out from the rest to attract the kids and make them want to buy the product.

The range comes in 6 flavours – Choco Puffs, Mango Puffs, Blueberry Loops, Strawberry Loops, Banana Flakes and Apple Flakes.

Yoga Bar Munchies – Nutrition made fun!