Bona from Łomża Vegan Mayo


Warszawa, Polska

Bona from Łomża city, so far associated with traditional products, has decided to enter the rapidly growing market of plant-based analogs. The new opening for the brand began with a line of mayonnaise sauces for vegans.

Together with Bona, we learned about the possible target group, seeing above all the potential in the growing flexitarianism. This trend is based on skillfully gaining the attention of both: the side already convinced of vege and the side that pays homage to traditional tastes, so far uninterested in switching to plant-based offerings. Therefore, we looked for a middle way in the design, legibility and digestibility counted, with a clear, frontally placed VEGAN that acts as a recommendation to new consumers. Complementing this approachable authenticity, is the Viva Vegan certificate on the packaging!

Our solution is all about colors served in coordinated shades with the sauces, building a clear and positive block without unnecessary embellishments. The frontal positioning of the communication works perfectly both on the traditional store shelf and online.

This new representation of Bona, is also a subtle slimming down and adjusting of the logotype itself to match today’s trends striving for simplicity and openness.
The result? Immediately medals of the 2021 vegan product competition. This is our way of vege from Lomza!