Ethica CBD – Plant-based care

Kingdom & Sparrrow

Falmouth, UK

In an over-crowded, confusing market the founders of EthicaCBD wanted to change the narrative with a focus on world-class CBD and ethical sourcing. With personal experience of the incredible benefits of CBD they wanted to build a brand that truly cared for and connected with newcomers and long-time users of CBD alike.

The CBD market can be hard for consumers to understand and trust. We wanted to create a premium brand that made it simple for people to choose the right CBD for them, highlighting EthicaCBD’s genuine care for consumers and ethical purpose.

We developed a strategy around the idea of ‘plant-based care’, positioning EthicaCBD as a nurturing brand. To reflect this we developed an approachable, apothecary-influenced logo paired on pack with photography of natural backgrounds and natural colours to emphasise the ingredients and ethical attributes of the brand. Simple roundels give consumers the trust they need in the product and our graphical systems make it easy to navigate ranges and product strengths, giving consumers the clarity they need.