Gibun tea (herbal tea by Seh-ra Klepits)

Alexandra Pershina

Seh-ra Klepits x Gibun tea (herbal tea)
Gibun Ottae?

Seh-ra discovered a passion for tea. In Korea, where she comes from, tea culture is a tradition with its own ceremonies. She was educated as a tea sommelier in London, where she learned all about tea varieties, how to cook them properly, their various effects and how it works.

«In Korea, the emotions you feel when you do something play a big role, — Seh-Ra says, — It’s about making something conscious. Therefore, in Korea, it is customary to ask about Gibun: Gibun Ottae? What is your feeling?»

According to the idea of the startup, there is a suitable kind of tea for every mood. They want to show that every Gibun is OK, positive or negative, everything is allowed as long as it is authentic.

Four different designs with one-line illustrations were created for Seh-ra’s project. A black metal jar was chosen for the basic packaging.

THX YOU ROCK: herbal blend with lemongrass, verbena, and mint
BEAST MODE: energizing green tea blend with mint
WINTER IS COMING: rooibos tea blend with almond, cinnamon, and coconut
I USUALLY CARE, TODAY I DON’T: mild herbal tea blend with verbena and lavender