Matias Funes

Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

Inspired by a desire to help people know themselves better, I Know Collection is a paper goods company specializing in affirmation cards, relationship decks, planners, and more. With an emphasis on modern and aesthetically pleasing design. The word “Know” is integral to the brand mission because the collection of products we create are designed to help you know yourself and others better. We believe that when you know yourself better, you can create a life a more fulfilling life that is in alignment with your values. We pride ourselves on products that are supportive, encouraging, and useful on a practical level. This edition is called “Couples Edition – Conversation Starters”, a deck of cards exclusively designed to get to know you and your partner better. The earth colors connect us with our human instinct, necessary to socialize and the circle invites us to be part of an intimate encounter.

Identity – Branding – Art Direction – Photography