‘The Spirit of Alliance’. A Bourbon distilled and aged in the U.S. and then shipped across the Atlantic to be bottled in France. The label tells the rich story of these two worlds coming together in a beautiful, historic union to create a one-of-a-kind Bourbon. This First Edition offering tells is dedicated to “The Hero of Two Worlds” named to honor Marquis de La Fayette’s inaugural voyage to America. This first edition of Two Worlds Whiskey was crafted specifically for America’s first ally, France.

A small batch of just 11 barrels, La Victoire edition features a core of complex 14-year-old straight bourbon whiskey balanced with a delicate, fruity four-year old straight bourbon whiskey and rounded out by a creamy five-year old straight bourbon whiskey. The result is a decadent whiskey with notes of toffee, tarte tatin, pastry cream, fresh pear, apricot, nutmeg, and clove spice that pairs beautifully with dessert and excels as a digestif.