Zamojskie Wineyards


Warszawa, Polska

Poland has been a European hinterland of fruit farming for many years. At the same time, it is one of the rapidly growing wine consumer markets, with its own wineyards growing slowly but steadily. It is also one of the markets where consumers are boldly seeking novelty. All three of these paths converged in a project that built a new category on the alcohol shelf.

Our longtime client Ambra, the country’s largest wine producer and importer, asked us to create a project with a name for a portfolio of wines based on Polish fruits other than grapes.
This is one of the most demanding and responsible challenges in our portfolio. In preparing for it, we went through anthropological studies of consumers and extensive research. A number of bold concepts emerged, drawing on the rebellious nature of New World and craft wines, but in the course of research and an ever-increasing understanding of the consumer’s uncovered mindset, we understood together with the client that above all, we had to create a wine that would appeal in its essence to strong traditional wine codes.

This is how we came up with a decisive design that speaks frankly about its wine origins, by operating with a reduced color scheme – the dominant colors are the white of the label and the black of the lettering. The fruit, its color, appears only in the delicate bars navigating the flavors. Against a white background, this is enough.

Just as important as the clarity and distinctiveness achieved, which builds a strong block on the shelf, is the name created – Zamojskie Vineyards. The plural immediately signals the richness of flavors and possibilities, places the production in the right context, and Zamość is a specific city, in the production area and a place with a long winemaking tradition for Poland.

To make this clear label, gain the required quality and authenticity, in the prepared die-cut and with the help of embossing, we introduced a detail in the form of a drawing of Zamość townhouses. It is a clear reference to French chateaux, and the written logo itself, adds a human touch.

Thanks to 20 years of work with alcohols, we know very well how such a detail can affect the perception of the product. Combined with fleshy uncoated paper, a label pleasant to the touch was created, which looks great on the shelf and table.

Thanks to the created umbrella and reduced, structured navigation, the Zamojskie Winnice brand quickly gained popularity, and developed into a version dedicated to HORECA channels.