Magic Tree Wild basil & Grape

Adequate people Branding studio created design for new line of organic vodka Magic tree.

We have developed a premium brand that emphasizes the natural basis of organic vodka. Wild basil and grapes are a premium blend of the Magic Tree brand, which quickly became popular in the HoReCa segment. Thanks to basil extract and a natural base from grape distillate, vodka has an exceptionally mild taste. In fact, it cannot even be called vodka, since vodka is a product made from simpler and less expensive raw materials.

Making a brand that has no equal in elegance and aristocracy in the segment of strong fruit drinks is an ambitious task. However, as always.

Imagine walking past the shelves in a hypermarket.

And suddenly. Stop. The hand reaches for the product — and here it is in the basket. What makes us choose this particular package?

The design has purposefully got into our mood.

We matched not only in functional, but also in emotional need. Armenian vodka has a sunny mood! It has a lot of nature, light and summer, it combines national character and home warmth.

After collecting the references, we were able to create an image map for all the basic design elements. Taste is an uncharacteristic quality for vodka, but in our case it was the taste, or rather the aroma that excites the imagination, that formed the graphic idea. I want to eat this design. Well, or at least a drink.

To do this, we used a combination of several types of foil and uncoated textured paper. Martelle paper of exceptionally high whiteness was chosen for the label, and the graphics were made with soft gray Pantone and several types of foil.

Foil is a difficult and unpredictable material. However, if you know its secrets, you can create an original noble design. So, for example, we used two types of foil for drawing basil. The leaves in the foreground are made of dark glossy foil, and the background is matte light. On the bottle, the foil begins to shimmer, and a flat, at first glance, primitive pattern acquires volume and shape.

Art direction: Vlad Rudovsky
Arts: Ksenya Vasileva, Vlad Rudovsky
Design: Ksenya Vasileva, Vlad Rudovsky
Pre-press : Alex Vaneev
Photo: Ksenya Vasileva, Ksenya Starovoytova, Vlad Rudovsky